During COVID Wishing You Safety

From all of us here at Rollo, we wish you safety and health during this unprecedented time. Thanks for always checking in, and we will have some more goodies for you very soon!

Fast 9 Trailer drop!

TODAY!!! Get ready for the trailer for Fast 9 to drop! To kick it off right, the cast is going to present the trailer during a F9 concert in Miami with performances by Cardi B, Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth, Ozuna, and Ludacris! And the trailer won’t just be shown to those who attend the event. It will also be released online! So check out what we have been up to!!


Were back!!

It’s that time again to hear the loud roar of engines rip through impossible missions. Fast and Furious 9 is on, and so is Rollo! This franchise has fans captivated as it portrays the heart of car culture entwined with intricate heists, high action, and memorable characters while valuing bonds of family and friendship. The adrenaline induced action has fans from all over the world and different walks of life hooked. No wonder we are on Fast and Furious 9. And with none other than the man…Justin Lin, the Director who blew up the Fast series. I am proud to return to the franchise having worked on number 2 through 6 and I can’t wait to for you to see what we are up to this time!


Have you guys seen Dude Perfect? It’s a group of 5 athletic and light-hearted friends, who perform completely entertaining tricks, stunts, and battles. To date, they have the  most subscribed channel on YouTube in the U.S! The movie A-X-L sponsored a fun “Dirt Bike Battle” between the Dude Perfect entourage. Our studio had the pleasure of providing the final VFX for this spot. HUH? Did someone say dirt bike? We looove dirt bikes!

Check out this fun video that had 8 million views in the first 24 hours of being released.



Rollo had the great opportunity to do some postvis work on Peppermint, a chilling drama, starring Jennifer Garner as character Riley Norse, a loving mother and wife. Riley awakens from a brutal attack which leaves her husband and daughter dead. There is no justice from this deadly and heart-wrenching act as the corrupt system protects the attackers. Riley makes it her mission to train her mind and body to become an unstoppable force. She eludes the FBI and police and takes it upon herself to stop tyranny, crime, and avenge her family’s killers.



Check out the trailer for A-X-L! Our studio worked on previs and postvis for this tale of adventure,  friendship, and action!

In the spirit of 80’s family movies, A-X-L is about the adventures of a teenage boy, Miles,  who encounters a military robotic dog named AXL. Miles, an avid dirt bike rider, forms an emotional bond with AXL, but must save him from the military scientists who created the dog. Miles teams up with his friend (and crush), Sara, to save his best buddy AXL. This movie is a fun, timeless tale for the whole family!


Here at Rollo, we are so excited that the Magnum P.I. reboot got picked up by CBS!  Alex, our Creative head,  had the wonderful opportunity to work with Director, Justin Lin, and a fantastic crew on the Magnum P.I. reboot pilot shot in Hawaii. Alex directed 2nd Unit and Rollo provided previs and postvis for the project.  Hold on to the seat of your pants with this action packed trailer!